Aeolis Est

AEOIn the world of rope bondage and BDSM, you would be hard pressed to find a presenter as dedicated to his craft and the lifestyle as Aeolis Est. Bringing an intense love and dedication to all things rope & sadism, his classes, presentations, and performances showcase not only precision and skill, but passion and sheer eroticism. Through the years, he has explored the richness and beauty of rope bondage, from eastern to western, forging his own special brand of rope play which blends the many differing styles found in the rope community today.

With each new thing learned and experienced, his commitment to learning everything he can about the art he adores continues to grow, which shows not only in the classes he teachesĀ but in the excitement and passion he brings to everything he does. In presenting, he utilizes this passion in sharing his own particular love of ropeĀ and invites others to travel along this path with him to a greater understanding of the subject we all love.

This Year Aeolis Est has once again graciously agreed to moderate our Free Range Rope area. So stop in and take advantage of the space and knowledge he brings to free range rope.