Class Pre-Registration and Ticketing

Why Pre-registration?

In an effort to ensure we don’t have chaotic lines and/or over capacity classes, we use a system of Surveys, Pre-Registration for some classes via a live drawing, and Tickets to manage Class caps.

How Does Pre-registration Work?

Once classes are chosen, we will send out a link to a quick survey so we can get an idea of the most popular classes in each skill level. We use this information to set the schedule, determine the most in demand classes, and we repeat the top classes. The two or three highest ranked classes in each session will be pre-registration, the rest will be ticketed at the door. The first session on Sunday will be the five repeat classes that will be pre-registered and one that will be ticketed at the door.

Pre-registration is done prior to the event in a two-part process. First, we send out a registration form so people can elect to “put their name in the drawing” for the pre-registration classes they want. Then we do a series of LIVE drawings, like a lottery, to determine who gets registered for that class. Notifications go out and we give people a chance to give back tickets that they don’t want/can’t use. If necessary, we will do a second drawing to distribute those tickets.

We used this system in 2017 and it worked out quite well. Based on feedback and experiences, we have tweaked the system a bit. We expect it to be even better than it was last year.

Links to surveys and for pre-registration will be sent out via email to the addresses that were provided when tickets were purchased. Announcements will be made on the website and all social media profiles when the surveys go out and the pre-registration sign up begins.

Additional information about the survey and selection process (including dates) will be provided as the event approaches.

What if I don’t get the classes I wanted?

We will be using a ticketing system for the other 3-4 classes in each session. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis. We will begin handing out the tickets when the session immediately prior to it ends, as soon as people begin forming a line for that class.

What if I didn’t pre-register?

If you did not participate in the pre-registration process, you will not be able to attend the pre-registration classes unless you are able to find a ticket someone isn’t going to use. We will be doing our best to redistribute any tickets returned to us but you may find others on your own. See below.

You are also free to attend one of the other classes in that class session time. There will be 3-4 classes in each time slot that do not require pre-registration. They will require a ticket. Tickets will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis. We will begin handing out the tickets when the session just before it ends.

What if I got tickets I can’t or won’t use?

We do know that some people received tickets they won’t use and, in some cases, they are turning those tickets back into us for redistribution.

We encourage trading and sharing. People did this will great success at BED 2017. It wound up being a fun additional way for people to meet new friends. However, selling tickets is seriously frowned upon. We ask that you not do that.


If you have any questions about this process please email info

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