What about Class Caps and Lines?

We received a lot of positive feedback from Bondage Expo Dallas 2016. People did rope, made new connections, exchanged ideas, and learned some stuff. We also received a lot of feedback regarding lines, the ticketing system, and class attendance caps. Some of you didn’t get to see the presenter you wanted. Some of you felt you had to skip classes to stand in line to make sure you got to a class. Not ideal for anyone.

You talked, we listened. We took all the input from surveys, threads, messages we received, and conversations we had with you. We considered logistics, the fundamental values of B.E.D. as it relates to education, and the impact any solution would have on those. We developed a couple of solutions, ran them through the think tank, and collected input and feedback. We have come up with what we believe is a plan that will address the issues that were brought to us.

Here is what we are doing:

  • We are reducing the total number of tickets we sell so there will be fever people at the conference. This will help more people get the classes they want.
  • We are going to put out a survey with the class choices so people can vote on the ones they most want to attend. We will use this data to determine which classes are in highest demand, which will help us set the schedule.
  • The highest demand classes will be offered more than once.
  • Class attendance caps will be adjusted to allow more people to attend classes (but attendance caps will still be enforced to ensure there aren’t too many people in any one class.)
  • The two most in-demand classes in every session will be set up for people to pre-register. This will be done after tickets are no longer on sale, well before the event, and will be done on a lottery system. Sign up for the lottery will be done online and the drawing will be live so the process will be transparent. Each name drawn will be for them and a +1 of their choice to that class. This eliminates lines for the most popular classes and the need for people to skip class to get a spot in that class. It also means there aren’t as many people standing in line in the hall between classes.
  • We will be using a ticketing system for the other four classes in each session. This will be on a first-come-first-served basis. However, we will begin handing out the tickets when the session just before it ends, as soon as people begin forming a line for that class. This means people can get their tickets right away and enjoy the rest of the break rather than spending it in line.
  • We will not be doing observer tickets. All tickets will allow for people to participate in the hands on classes.

We believe that these things will help us manage classes, caps, and lines, get more people into the classes they want, and prevent chaos in the halls between classes.

Links to surveys and for preregistration will be sent out via email to the addresses that were provided when tickets were purchased. Announcements will be made on the website and all social media profiles when the surveys go out and the preregistration sign up begins.

If you have any questions about this process please email info @bondageexpodallas.com