Class Ticketing and Pre-Registration

Thank you all for the survey responses. It was a great tool in determining what you would like to see the most at BED 2017!

Based on the survey results, room capacity, and a plethora of other factors we have selected several classes for a pre-registration lottery AND we are also repeating 5 of the top picked classes giving double the opportunity to attend!

Here is how the pre-registration lottery and ticketing will work:

  • A link will be sent to all email addresses provided at registration
  • The link will provide access to the sign up for the classes selected for pre-registration
  • The legal name provided on the form must be an exact match to the name provided at registration or your name will be removed from the lottery drawings.
  • There are multiple classes in each session available for the lottery
    • Attendees can submit for all classes in a single session
    • Ranking (1st Choice, 2nd Choice, etc) will be used in the event an attendees name is drawn for two classes in one session
    • If a lottery class is a pre-requisite for another class (Part 1/Part 2), the drawing will be completed for the first session and tickets will be good for both sessions.
  • The Sunday 9 am session will feature the repeat of the 5 most popular classes
    • The names will be drawn for these classes with the first session
  • Pre-registration for the lottery will close at Midnight on April 13th. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The lottery drawings will be held on April 16th and will be filmed and posted online
  • A list of scene names will be submitted to a random name generator and names will be selected until all tickets have been issued.
  • Notification will be sent to those selected by April 23rd.
  • Pre-Registered class tickets will be issued at registration with the attendee’s name badge.
  • Tying Pair tickets will be drawn for and issued as 1 ticket for 2 people
    • In the event a top and bottom of a single tying pair are both pulled for a single class, they will be issued 2 tickets (4 people) and will be allowed to select the recipients of the second ticket
  • Self Rigger tickets will be issued as individual tickets.
    • Each hard point location will be shared with another self rigger
  • Observer tickets will only be available for certain classes*

Tickets for the classes in each session not selected for pre-registration will be available at the door 5 minutes after the previous session ends on a first come first serve basis.

*Originally, we decided not to have Observer tickets, due some issues we had with those last year. However, given the popularity of some of the classes, we decided to increase the cap of those classes by offering Observer tickets for a few select classes. All classes with Observer tickets are pre-registered classes.
If you have an Observer ticket to one of the classes, it is good for one person to get in that class. We ask that you simply observe—like you are auditing the class—and leave the tying space for those that have Tying Pair tickets. We will have a classroom monitor in those classes that have observers, so if you have any questions or concerns, please let them know.

The classes that have Observer tickets are:

Tying on Bamboo
Partial Suspensions (Sat & Sun class)

Nawashi Kanna & Kagura:
Hojo Hishi Shibari (Sat & Sun class)
Rope Finishing Techniques

Ojipan & Goodmosttimes:
Advanced Historical Adaptations

M0co & Beemo:
Jazz Tying Transition Suspension