Class Ticketing Info

If you have questions about how class tickets are being handled this year, please read up about the Class Ticketing and Pre-Registration process. All classes that require pre-registration are denoted with a # on our schedule.

The Sunday AM1 session (9-10:30 AM) is the session used to repeat the most popular pre-registration classes. There is one class in that time block that isn’t a repeat or pre-registration, for those that want to attend. If you don’t have a ticket to a Sunday class and you don’t wish to attend the other class, we encourage you to sleep in after a long weekend of classes and play and parties. Session 2 will start at 11:00 AM.

The drawings for the pre-reg classes have been completed and notifications have gone out via email to everyone letting them know which classes they are officially registered for. Tickets will be given with badges at registration.

We do know that some people received tickets they won’t use and, in some cases, they are turning those tickets back into us for redistribution. We are waiting to see how many get returned before deciding how to handle this. Keep an eye on your email and social media for an announcement early the week of BED for more info.

The way the process was designed, we didn’t assign names to tickets. This is to allow for flexibility so that if people decide they will not be attending a class, they can share their tickets with someone who will. So, if you have a ticket that you decide at the event you aren’t going to use, please find someone that will use it, or turn it into registration so we can help that happen. There is an Official Ticket Sharing Thread on the BED FetLife group, please check that out.

We encourage trading and sharing, however, selling tickets is seriously frowned upon. We ask that you not do that. If that becomes an issue, we will have to re-work the system next year to eliminate people doing that, which will also eliminate the flexibility and the option of trading tickets and sharing tickets to classes people decide not to attend.

If you did not participate in the pre-registration process, you will not be able to attend the pre-registration classes unless you are able to find a ticket someone isn’t going to use. However, we do have several fantastic classes every session that are not pre-reg and those will be open for people to attend. Those will be done using a ticket at the door system. We will start handing tickets out for each session as soon as the session before it is over.
If you have any questions please email info If you haven’t received emails from us, please reach out so we can get you added to the mailing list.