CloverLove and connection are at the heart of Clover’s rope bottoming. Best known for her rope bottom guide, spectacular photography and beautiful suffering in rope, Clover performs and teaches around the world with her partner WykD Dave.

It is in her genuine vulnerability and transporting beauty in suffering that she shines in performance, in fact, it’s the lack of pretense and the genuine nature of her interaction with WykD Dave that she stands out.

She is also well known for her photography where her sympathy for the subject and desire to capture emotion leads to her producing some of the very best bondage photographs and prints to be found.

When teaching, her knowledge, empathy, and experience allow her to connect her audience with the subject and experience that she loves.

2017 Class Offerings

Partnership and Working Together with Wykd Dave

Bondage is never one size fits all but in many classes everyone gets taught the same thing. What you may learn from one source might not work well with you and your partner. One of the greatest skills in rope bondage is learning to understand what works between you and your partner. This is best accomplished with the involvement and cooperation of top and bottom with communication and understanding. In this co-taught class, WykD Dave & Clover work hands on with couples as top and bottom looking at what you actually do, to help you to resolve problems and find what really works for you both together.

Prerequisites: None

Level:  All

Type:  Hands On