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FredHatt and MissBones

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FredHatt and MissBones are academics, researchers, and teachers by training so their approach and love for rope is very much driven by an intellectual curiosity to understand how rope works at its many levels: the technical aspects of how the rope (the material) is actually made, understanding how the creative process works, and the ‘science’ behind the mechanics of the body. Overall, they lean towards a rather technical style of rope, with FredHatt’s trademark subtle geekery complimenting MissBones’ playful bendiness.

They have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach and perform both inside and outside the UK (Bondage Expo Dallas 2016, Shibaricamp, EURIX, BOUND, The Soap Box, TWISTED). They have also been organizing rope events in London since 2014, first through ‘Pop-up Rope Events’ and more recently (since June 2015) through Anatomie Studio – the UK’s only full-time shibari studio.

As a couple MissBones and FredHatt regularly attend as many rope-workshops and conferences as possible. This enables them to stay in touch with the international community while keeping up with all the latest developments. They have been fortunate enough to learn from many wonderful people including Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko, Akira Naka, Miumi-U, Barkas, Kasumi Hourai, Ren Yagami, Wykd Dave, and Pedro.

Their teaching style has been described as ’empowering’, ‘compassionate’, and ‘precise’.

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2018 Class Offerings

The Synergetic Bottoming Approach: Do good models make good riggers? Or do good riggers make good models?

Bring a rigger. Solo riggers and solo models also welcome.

What comes first: good modeling or good ropes? For Anna and Fred, the answer ‘neither’ and ‘both’.

Anna has been tying with Fred within the context of a partnership (both personal and work-related) for 5 years, and it’s not a coincidence that she feels like a stronger model today as Fred’s ropes themselves have progressed throughout the years. During their time together they have discovered some of the key aspects of rigging that crack the code for great modeling. And the devil is all in the details.

Starting from the bottom (pun intended) from feet to head, Anna and Fred will share some of their findings in this class. These include tips about placement, tension, and how to read the body/have your body be read by your rigger and more. This class is a collection of little golden nuggets of rope & bottoming wisdom that can be applied to all kinds of rope situations both for better modeling and better rigging (because what is a good rigger if not someone who facilitates a rope bottom to soar – whatever that may mean to you – in ropes?).

This is a bottoming class, but a synergetic bottoming class for BOTH riggers and models, because Anna and Fred believe that one cannot exist without the other.

Prerequisite: all levels, but the more you already know the more you’ll get from this class!
Level: All
Type: Hands-On

Pleasure Neutral Rope: The Subtle Science of Predicaments

The class will involve the use of suspension lines.

Predicaments are Fred’s favourite form of rope play. Endurance, impossible choices, and playing with his bottom’s headspace are the key ingredients in the equation.

However, predicaments can be difficult to achieve without good knowledge of the body and extreme attention to detail and body cues. In this form of play rigger and model are working ‘against’ each other rather than with each other, so it becomes important to recognize ways in which the model can ‘cheat’ (Anna will help with this bit… sorry models!). It is also a form of play that can be quite exhausting for the rigger as it requires constant attention to the model and the ropes for it be safe.

In this class, Fred and Anna propose to show you some of their favourite predicament ties and share detailed explanations about balance, body mechanics, and build-up (of ties and endorphins) for both riggers and rope bottoms.

Expect hair ties, crotch ropes, neck ropes, and burning muscles. This class is not for the faint of heart.

Prerequisite: Participants should be very familiar with at least the two rope TK.
Level: All
Type: Hands-On

Fly More: Intro to Transitions

Suspension transitions are one of Fred and Anna’s favourite kinds of rope because when well executed this means more airtime and many possibilities for play. When doing dynamic suspensions, Fred and Anna like to feed off each other’s impulses: Fred’s sadistic mind compliments Anna’s natural inclination for active bottoming and movement. This presents Fred with choices to provide relief (or ‘pit stops’) for Anna, or block movement to cause stress. Anna enjoys to explore movement within her restriction and enjoys the rush that the contrasts between impossible positions and resting places give her. This allows them to play with both endorphin highs and adrenaline rushes, for a real rollercoaster-like rope experience.

In this class, we will present clear and structured concepts for participants to explore this kind of rope, including: how to read the model/bottom’s body and make decisions accordingly, the differences between what we call ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ transitions, playing with levels (distance from the floor), blocking movement versus giving room, building in what we call ‘pit stops’, playing with endorphins and adrenaline, and how to build in your ‘escape plan’ during transitions (i.e. having a plan B in case things go wrong).

Advice about line management and how to work with your partner(s) will be given throughout. The class will be geared toward rigging and bottoming with exercises geared towards developing both sets of skills.

Prerequisite: Participants, both riggers and models, should be proficient with suspensions, this includes proficiency in locking and managing suspension lines, and it is highly recommended that riggers know how to tie a structural 3 rope Takate Kote (i.e. not simply a decorative third rope) taught to you in a class, workshop or private tuition as this will enable you to move through the transitions with greater ease (for both rigger and model/bottom).
Level: Advanced
Type: Hands-On

50 Fucked Up Things to do With a Single Column Tie

One of Fred Hatt’s favourite things is the ability to create intense sensations and predicaments with as little rope as possible. In this class, he will share some of his favourites with the help of his partner and accomplice Anna Bones.

They will show various ways to immobilize, inflict intense sensations, lock the body into predicaments and place your partner into positions for play, pain, and sex using exclusively single column ties.

This class is suitable for all levels. We will show how to tie a single column tie for those who don’t already know it. For those who do, any single column tie of your choice can be used in this class.

Level: All
Type: Hands-On

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