Bondage Expo Dallas Image Contest

Are you a model? Photographer? Bondage enthusiast with a camera? Do you have an image or idea that would be perfect for B.E.D.? If so, we want it!

We are looking for an eye-catching photograph to be used for Bondage Expo Dallas 2018. This image will be used on B.E.D. 2018 marketing materials, websites, and social media accounts. Winner/s get a free ticket to BED 2018!!!

Since B.E.D. is a “bondage” conference, we are looking for a bondage themed picture. This doesn’t have to mean “just” rope; leather, tape, saran wrap, handcuffs, chains, etc…or any combination thereof would also be perfect. We welcome (encourage even) images that feature model/s of all sizes, shapes, genders, and orientations. Model/s MUST be at least 18 years of age.

Submissions will be accepted from August 30th-September 20th.
Voting will start on September 25th and end on September 29th.
Winner will be announced when voting ends.

We will give all the submissions to our Graphics Design team to evaluate. They will choose the images that meet the criteria and will work for our purposes. (Sometimes an image is 100% awesome but doesn’t work well for marketing purposes.)

The images that are cleared by our Graphics Design team will be uploaded onto the B.E.D. Fetlife & Twitter profiles to be voted on by the masses. We want people to vote on the picture/image not the photographer or model so we have decided that all posted submissions will remain anonymous until the winner is announced. We encourage all models & photographers to keep in the spirit of this and not disclose if they submitted an image or which picture is theirs. (Some images may show recognizable faces, which is fine, but names won’t be given until winner is announced.)

Loves on Fet and retweets on Twitter will be tallied. The image with the most love and retweet “votes” will be used for B.E.D. 2018. In addition, the photographer, rigger, and model/s will each win 2 tickets to B.E.D. 2018 (maximum of 6 no-cash-value, non-transferable tickets to be awarded).

Requirements and suggestions for all submissions:

  • You MUST have and attach with your submission a signed release that demonstrates you (the person making the submission) have rights to the image, allows us to use it for commercial purposes, and verifies that the model/s are at least 18 years of age. If you are the photographer submitting it, it must be signed by you and the model. If you are a model submitting it, the release can’t say you don’t have rights to the image and it must have the photographers signature on it. If you are the rigger making the submission, the release must be signed by you, the model, and the photographer and must give you rights to the image.
    • If you do not have your own photo release, use ours!
  • Must be 300 dpi and preferably 12″ X 17″ (when we size it for a poster, it needs to still be a print quality image).
  • File should be .jpeg.
  • No watermarks on any images submitted. Credit will be given, if desired and as requested, to model, rigger & photographer, but we can not use watermarked images.
  • Image must not be “R” rated. It will be distributed and posted in places where tantalizing is great, nudity is not. This means tease us if you like, but keep all the bits covered.
  • Images that are vertically oriented work best.
  • Background needs to be a solid color, preferably dark and not too “busy.”
  • If you use rope it MUST be natural colored (we color it purple in processing so it matches the purple in our logo.)
  • Each person can submit up to 3 entries, however, each submission and waiver must be sent individually as a separate submission.

Still have questions? Email us at info

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Image Contest Submission Form

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10MB file size limit

10MB file size limit

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and verify that:

  • I am entering the attached image into a contest
  • If chosen, my image will be used for commercial purposes
  • I have legal rights to use this image for those purposes
  • Everyone that appears in the image is at least 18 years of age.

Once you submit this form, you will receive an email confirmation with the information and attachments that you have provided above.