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J. L00M is a Pacific Northwest rope artist, bondage performer and photographer who has created his own take on ropecentric art. A passionately committed student, L00M continues to further his education and expand his knowledge base through the private instruction of some of the art form’s most talented individuals. As a performer, he travels internationally with his partner Olivia Lyon to events such as La Nuit des Cordes, MBE, BeachBind and various other burner and fetish events. Additionally, when he’s not in the studio or on stage – as an educator he continues to give back to his rope community by teaching bi-monthly rope labs, various intensives and rope shares throughout the West Coast.

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Liv is a Vancouver (Canada) based rope bottom, rigger, and all around rope addict! First introduced to the world of rope in 2007, she started out as a bondage model and rope bottom. This gave Liv a great foundation of experience that has grown into her truest passion and consumes pretty much all her free time. Liv now ties, creates rope art in multiple mediums and strives to spread knowledge through community education. Constant personal growth, or what’s the point?

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