M0co and Beemo

M0coM0co and Beemo hail from Baltimore’s blossoming rope scene. Having found one another in late 2010, this duo has been honing their skills as Rope Top and bottom together. Both M0co and Beemo have a passion for dynamic and challenging rope work as well as the connection between the Top, bottom, and rope. Although M0co is mainly known for his beautiful handmade jute, he and Beemo also created the Baltimore Guerrilla Suspension Crew in mid-2011 with the sole intention of creating artistic pieces among the urban decay. They have since then branched out into more intricate photo-shoots, including the well-known shot of ‘The Awakening’ at The National Harbor, MD.

Aside from work with BGSC, these Krakens also throw the infamous monthly play party, The Kraken’s Lair.


2017 Class Offerings

Jazz Tying Transition Suspension

One of the most difficult parts of learning dynamic transition suspensions is learning to think freely about where and how to manipulate the body. In this masterclass, students will be forced to think outside of the box and not follow a pattern when executing transitions during a suspension. This class will have a limited number of hands-on participants.

Prerequisites: Tops must know how to tie a secure chest harness, hip, harness, and a safe single column tie. Tops must have a good understanding of upline management and must have done suspensions before in the past. Bottoms must have suspension experience and must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with their top. Bottoms must have a good understanding of their own body.

Level: Advanced

Type: Demo


Rope Hacks

What makes a good rigger into a great rigger? Being able to tie with fluidity, efficiency, and connection, of course! In this class, M0co and Beemo discuss key rope hacks for these three components means and how they affect your rope work.   The hands-on portion of this class will go into tips, tricks, and drills that will improve these three aspects of tying.

Prerequisites: Class will need to know how to quickly and safely tie a single column tie.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Painful Partials

Bring out your sadist and masochist side in this hands-on partial suspension class. M0co and Beemo go through some key concepts and ideas that bring extra pain to the basic partial suspension. Safety aspects, as well as pain processing, will be discussed and demoed.

Prerequisites: Attendees will need to know how to quickly and safely tie a single column tie. Attendees must have a good understanding of tension in terms of tying. This class is very strenuous on rope bottoms. Rope bottoms must be able to efficiently communicate with their tops.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On