NaughtyEm Em has moxie. She enjoys finding fresh, creative ways to bind, torture, and please. Her perception and insight, combined with warm enthusiasm and sincerity, have earned her a fierce reputation on both sides of the D/s spectrum. As a rope enthusiast, she prefers sensual, intimate, and meaningful floorwork over flashy suspensions. Most recently, Em consulted on rope, partner connection, and bondage for the upcoming feature film Professor Marston & the Wonder Women. Em is an active member in both local and national communities, including presenting at Bound in Boston and Kinky Con, greeting at B(oston)TNG Munch, and co-organizing rope education programs such as the FFF48 Rope Lounge and Hitchin’ Bitches Boston.  Em is the northeast’s premier beard fetishist and has her own line of custom beard oil, Siren’s Shipwreck.

2017 Class Offerings

Trampling, Boot Play + Rope Bondage with Parker RopeBoi

Boots. Rope. Flesh…drooling yet? Are you someone who likes some boot marks among your rope marks?   In this class, Parker RopeBoi & NaughtyEm will share some of their favorite sexy and sadistic tricks and techniques for manipulating bodies for pleasure and pain using boots and rope. The class will demonstrate and discuss gauging and applying different kinds and amounts of pressure with boots to different body parts, which body parts can handle more or less boot pressure, and how different floor ties and partial/full suspension ties affect the intensity of boot pressure and require different kinds of trampling techniques. Topics demonstrated could include standing on a bound/suspended bottom, kicking a bound/suspended bottom, bound bootlicking and/or bootblacking predicaments, using just boot pressure to immobilize, not stepping on your rope, and leaving boot marks without ropes getting in the way.   Screaming, groaning, and laughing are highly likely. Presenter demonstrations aim to inspire you to bring your own style to integrating boots and rope in a scene. Participants will have time try out these techniques and explore playing with boots and rope in their own style.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On