Okienawa and OkiesGG


Okie has been involved in the public BDSM community for 19 years and the leather community for 17. He has held the following leather titles: Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2000, Mr. Great Plains Olympus 2005 and International Mr. Olympus International 2006 as well as being the 1st Openly Identified Heterosexual to compete at International Mr. Leather in 2000.

He has written over 77 articles for The Leather Journal, The Leather Page, Fetbot, The Dominant’s View and The Leather Web. In 2002, David was awarded a Pantheon Award for Community Service in the South Central Region.

Okie has held many posts throughout his years: board member, fundraiser and leather contest producer for local, regional and national organizations. He has presented well over 100 classes and day-long intensives about alternative sexuality. He is an avid rope enthusiast with a passion for Kinbaku and has studied extensively in Tokyo, Japan and throughout the United States.

Okie has worked with the following photographers: Dirk Hooper, Sugiura Norio, Barelight, Janet Ryan, Captivating Image, and Anthelian.

OkiesGGgg has been demo bottoming and presenting since 2010. She has had the opportunity to present at the following events: Shibaricon, Frolicon, Blackbeat, Bondage Expo Dallas, Beyond Vanilla, Riggers Delight and Octroperfest.She has been active in her local and regional community by volunteering at Tribal Fire and Truly Bound.

She has also been an active bondage model working with photographers such as Dirk Hooper, Barelight, and Janet Ryan. Her pictures have been seen at the Dirty Show and Pandora’s Box of Fetish in England.




2017 Class Offerings

Unconventional Diamond Ties

Diamond patterns in bondage are quite popular and are aesthetically pleasing. This intermediate level class will cover two unorthodox diamond patterns that are based on hojojutsu concepts.

Participants will need 2-3 ropes 25-30 feet in length

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with basic chest harnesses.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Bondage for Speed and Efficiency

Rope bondage shouldn’t take long, unless you choose to do it that way. The class engages the participants in activities such as speed drills and efficiency exercises. Once you finish the class you should be able to use tools to help you tie faster while using efficient movements to maximize your experiences with rope.

Prerequisites: None

Level: Beginner

Type: Hands On


The Worst Hip Harness Everyone Needs to Know

The purpose of this class is to examine the concept of a functional hip harness and modify it to include ideas that may fit the needs of the individual being tied.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Type: Hands On