PinkMynx and Chloe

PinkMynx PinkMynx is an enthusiastic rope top, experienced rigger and suspension artist with a passion for giving rope and sharing her knowledge with the community. She has attended workshops offered by Midori, Tatu, Lew Rubens, Stefano, WykD Dave, Kanso, Osaka Dan, and Akira Naka to name just a few and is dedicated to continuing her personal journey tying, teaching, and performing with rope. PinkMynx has presented classes and intensive workshops across the country where she focuses on building connections between partners and developing precision in each tie. A passionate believer in muscle memory, PinkMynx’s students learn by tying along with her. As a Nurse Anesthetist, her extensive medical background gives PinkMynx a unique perspective on bondage safety and nerve injury. PinkMynx is also a fitness instructor and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500).

Chloe began her journey into kink when she joined the Baltimore community in early 2015. She has been fortunate enough to learn, work, and play with people who have been very influential to her development and have provided her with ample opportunities to learn very quickly. While she enjoys many different types of play she has developed a deep passion for rope bottoming. Chloe identifies as a masochist and discovered her love for semenawa. She believes memorable rope experiences are based on a sound connection between the top and bottom. To her, the most spectacular part of rope is the tremendous amount of trust and skill that is required by both the top and the bottom, and she believes that synergy can create a rewarding experience. Chloe has been bottoming for Mynx at workshops and cons since June 2016. She has since come to adore the grace, beauty, disfigurement, and deformation which can come from the honesty and vulnerability provoked by rope bondage.


2017 Class Offerings

Tying on Bamboo

Bamboo is a beautiful Japanese inspired hardpoint that offers many options for suspensions. We will explore how to secure the bamboo to your rig and then move into how to utilize a horizontal hardpoint vs. a single point suspension. Participants will learn how to manage suspension lines and discuss pitfalls and problems that can arise when tying on bamboo.

Prerequisites: A working chest harness and basic understanding of suspension

Level:  Intermediate/Advanced

Type:  Demo


The Finish: Each Rope Tells a Story

A common practice is to join rope when more is needed and continue on. What if each rope was finished off and told it’s own story? Or what do we do with the extra rope when the tie is finished. We burn it! But how do we do it effectively so the tie is functional, and maintains visual appeal?

Prerequisites: Solid understanding of basic bondage and simple forms

Level: Intermediate

Type: Hands On


Partial Suspensions: The Slow Unfolding of Beautiful Suffering

We will begin this class examining uplines, their variability and their management. We will then explore the beauty of suffering through partial suspensions. Partial suspensions expose vulnerability and erotic helplessness, impart beautiful physical and mental challenges for the bottom, and allow for close connection between partners.

Prerequisites: Solid understanding of a Gote and basic understanding of suspension lines

Level: Advanced

Type: Hands On