Bondage Expo Dallas Call for Presenters

We appreciate your interest in presenting at a Bondage Expo event! Please read through this information, as it will help you understand what our values & philosophies are for education and inclusion.

The tenets for BED are hospitality and education. This means that everything we do is geared towards making everyone feel welcome and included and providing the highest quality education we can. Over the last 5 years, how we achieve this has evolved, but the basic values haven’t changed.

Bondage Expo, as an organization, is committed to excellence in education. We believe a big part of that is choosing presenters and classes that represent all groups, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or body size. We strive to choose presenters and classes that will be applicable and meaningful to everyone, not just those people that fall into the stereotypical, hetero-normative, dominant groups.

To this end, we strive to select presenters that represent all groups and we ask them to be mindful that the things they teach, their methods, and their language are inclusive, from a perspective outside just their own, and relevant to everyone who is in the class.

We feel that innovation is part of what makes education excellent, and we might ask you to create a class for Bondage Expo that represents topics and ideas you are passionate about. So, if you are selected as a presenter and have ideas for new classes, we want to hear them!

Our philosophy is that the perspective and knowledge bottoms bring to the event are just as meaningful and important as those that are brought by the Top. We encourage teaching teams to apply as co-presenters and may show a preference to teams that include Top and bottom perspective as part of their overall curriculum. If your stuff is already formatted as a teaching “Team” please use one form for the Team. If your stuff is formatted individually, or you teach some classes separately, please use a separate form for each person and let us know who you are applying to co-present with.

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