Saki Kamijoo and Hibiki

Saki Kamijoo and Hibiki

Saki Kamijoo Profile Photo

Saki Kamijoo has been in the Japan SM scene for close to 20 years. As well as a well-regarded mistress, she is an accomplished shibari performer.

She is well known in Japan for her hayai-shibari style, fast bondage that remains beautiful and through fluidity and economy of motion, emphasizes the sense of grace, flow, and dynamism that is important in shibari.

Saki is also a musician, writing, singing and playing guitar in the band “Kalra”. Her bondage shows prominently feature music. She has said that it is music that inspires her bondage and bondage that inspires her music.

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2018 Class Offerings

TK and Waki-Shirashi

Level: Beginner
Type: Demo

Futomomo and Suspension

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Type: Hands-On

Advice on Flow

Level: Advanced
Type: Hands-On

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