Below you will find the schedule for Bondage Expo Dallas 2017. To view the class description, click on the presenter’s name. You will be able to view the presenter’s bio and class descriptions. Classes denoted with “#” require pre-registration. Only those ticketed in advance will be admitted to the class.

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Friday – April 28th

2:00-9:00pm 3:30-5:00pm 6:30-8:30pm 9:15pm-3:00am
# Tying on Bamboo (Int-Adv) – Pink Mynx & Chloe
Meet & Greet with Dinner and Opening Words
Performances by WykD Dave & clover and Nawashi Kanna & Kagura
# Self Suspension Inversions without a Hip Harness (Adv) – Parker RopeBoi
Rope Bottoming 101 (All) – fuoco
Binding to the Energy & Rhythm (Int) – Murphy Blue & Diamond Blue
Play Party
Shibari Basics (Beg) – Solatus & BDLovecraft
Binding Components (Beg-Int) – Ojipan & goodmosttimes


Saturday – April 29th


9:00-10:30am 11:00-12:30pm Lunch: 12:30-1:30pm
# Partial Suspension (Adv) –     Pink Mynx & Chloe
                # Hojo Hishi Shibari (Adv) –                  Nawashi Kanna & Kagura
# Beginning Aerial Transitions I                            (Int-Adv) –                     Ben Hart & indecentinspire
# Beginning Aerial Transitions II (Int-Adv) –
Stop Getting on My Nerves I (All) – MissDoctor
Stop Getting on My Nerves II (All) – MissDoctor
# Positional Bondage (Int) –     Sean Grey
# Suspension and Attachment Usage (Adv)  –
Bondage for Speed & Efficiency (Beg) – OkieNawa & OkiesGG
Arm Bindings (Int) –
Things We Do with Rope & Bamboo (All) – JakeKinbaku
Body Image and Kink (All) – Hedwig


1:30-3:00pm 3:30-5:30pm 6:00-7:30pm
Play Party 9:30pm-3:00am
# Rope Hacks (Beg-Int) – M0co & Beemo # Partnership and Working                 Together (All) –                WykD Dave & clover # Rope Finishing              Techniques (Int) –                  Nawashi Kanna & Kagura
# Calf Harness (Int)  – Parker RopeBoi # Let’s Teppou (Adv)  – Hedwig # Painful Partials (Int) – M0co & Beemo
The Will and the Form: D/s in Rope (All) – Diamond Blue Flexibility with fuoco (All) – fuoco Athletic Training for Rope Bottoms (All) – Diamond Blue
Akechi Lineage TK Tuneup (Adv) – Sean Grey Unconventional Diamond Ties (Int) – OkieNawa & OkiesGG Wonderfully Western (All) – BRJulia
The Finish: Each Rope Tells a Story (Int) – Pink Mynx & Chloe Floor Play Progressions (Beg-Int) – Ben Hart & indecentinspire 3rd Rope Variations (Beg-Int) – Ojipan & goodmosttimes
How to Handle Rope (Int) – Solatus & BDLovecraft Oberservation and Suggestion (All) – Sean Grey Breast Bondage for Fun and Beauty (All) – JakeKinbaku


Sunday – April 30th

9:00-10:30am 11:00am-12:30pm Lunch: 12:30-2:00pm 2:00-3:30pm Closing Ceremony 4:00pm-4:30pm AfterParty 10:00pm-2:00am
Hojo Hishi Shibari (Adv) # – Nawashi Kanna & Kagura The Worst Hip Harness Everyone Needs to Know (Beg-Int) # – OkieNawa & OkiesGG WykD Method TK (Int-Adv) # – WykD Dave & clover
Partial Suspensions (Adv) # – Pink Mynx & Chloe Advanced Historical Adaptation (Int-Adv) # – Ojipan & goodmosttimes Jazz Tying Transition Suspension (Adv) # – M0co & Beemo
The Care and Feeding of Tops (All) – Diamond Blue You Want My Arm to Go Where? (All) – MissDoctor Body Awareness for Rope (All) – fuoco
Suspension and Attachment Usage (Adv) # – WykD Dave & clover CBT Fundamentals (All) – BRJulia Making Connections (All) – BRJulia
Positional Bondage (Int) # – Sean Grey Let’s Talk Hogties (Int) – Murphy Blue & Diamond Blue Trampling, Boot Play + Rope Bondage (Int) – Parker RopeBoi & NaughtyEm
Rope Hacks (Beg-Int) # – M0co & Beemo The Forgotten Fun of Untying (All) – Solatus & BDLovecraft Head Bondage Head Fuck (All) – Hedwig


All weekend (during class times) Free Range Rope – Aeolis Est

Schedule may be subject to change…