Solatus and BDLovecraft


Solatus began his kink career in 2009 and quickly became obsessed with Shibari. A Sadomasochistic rigger in a long term relationship with his rubber chickens, he currently enjoys feeding his inner sadist by subjecting friends to banal puns and witty anecdotes. He is often found tying and teaching at The Lair in San Antonio.

BDLovecraft always knew she was too kinky for any massage to work out of her. She found her gateway drug into kink when she found rope and began bottoming in 2016. She enjoys that sweet sadomasochistic switch life and pranking loved ones on a daily basis. Her belief is that one should be at peace in their mind for the mind always follows the body, and without peace, one cannot have fun creating chaos.

2017 Class Offerings

The Forgotten Fun of Untying

The scene doesn’t end when the ropes start to come off. Delve into the sensual and often sadistic conclusion to a powerful scene. The end isn’t the end until it’s over.

Level: All

Type: Hands On


How to Handle Rope

Tie with grace, speed, and efficiency using techniques designed minimize movement and maximize ease when tying.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of a TK or Box tie is required.

Level: Intermediate

Type: Discussion


Shibari Basics

This course will cover basic rope safety and basic principles of rope bondage. Skills to be taught are larks head, single and double column ties, Futomomo, and a chest harness. We will combine these into a full floor-work tie.

Level: Beginner

Type: Hands On