Bondage Expo Dallas is now accepting applications for vendors. Bondage Expo Dallas 2018 will take place in Dallas between April 27-29.

Below you will find the application to be a vendor. Vendor selection is not made on a first come, first served basis. In an effort to ensure that we have a wide variety of high-quality vendors, we choose from all the vendors that have applied, regardless of the order of application.

If you are selected our vendor coordinator will contact you with how to register and make your payment. Vendors will have the option to choose their booth location, however, booth locations ARE on a first come first serve basis. All vendors that are selected will be sent a link to register at the same time.

The pricing for a booth at B.E.D. 2018 is $175 per booth space. Respectively, double booths are $350. Each booth comes with vendor access for 2 employees. The vendor access provides access to the vending space, the meet & greet, and the play parties. It does NOT offer access to classes. There is an add-on that can be applied for $50 per person, to allow them access to the classes. If you need more than 2 employees, the option to purchase additional tickets for them will be provided.

Vending hours have not been set at this time but will open when the registration desk opens each day.

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Please let us know about your products. We have a limited number of vending spots and want to ensure we do not have too many vendors selling the same thing. This helps your sales as well as offers a variety of options to the attendees.


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