WykD Dave and clover

WykD Dave and clover

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WykD Dave is a rigger from the UK who has in the past few years been teaching and performing throughout the world with his partner clover. His work has appeared in films, music videos, international fashion magazines and even in Paris’s Louvre gallery. Tying models from local kinksters and friends with no modeling experience to internationally known stars like FKA Twigs and Lady Gaga. His teaching has revolutionized rope bondage for many students around the world as he shares his own take on what’s important to learn and understand about rope. His views are the result of years of experience, analysis and thought after tying, teaching and performing all over the world. He almost always teaches with his partner Clover providing her perspective as a rope bottom and believes that education for bottoms is just as important as for tops. Time and experience are constantly changing and evolving his bondage and his classes making them a different experience every time. It is his proud boast to have created some of the most copied rope bondage classes in the world.He has also accomplished the rare and almost unique feat of having created ties and techniques that are now used and taught in Japan.

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Love and connection are at the heart of clover‘s rope bottoming. Best known for her rope bottom guide, spectacular photography and beautiful suffering in rope, Clover performs and teaches around the world with her partner WykD Dave.

It is in her genuine vulnerability and transporting beauty in suffering that she shines in performance, in fact, it’s the lack of pretense and the genuine nature of her interaction with WykD Dave that she stands out.

She is also well known for her photography where her sympathy for the subject and desire to capture emotion leads to her producing some of the very best bondage photographs and prints to be found.

When teaching, her knowledge, empathy, and experience allow her to connect her audience with the subject and experience that she loves.

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2018 Class Offerings

Tying with Bamboo

This is a class about tying on Bamboo as I do it. We will cover my approach to some beautiful and torturous classic ties and positions on bamboo. We will look at the aesthetics and emotional impact of these ties together with connection, timing, and stress. Clover will discuss methods of processing stress and torsion in ties as well as how to embrace emotional ties. There will be a focus on mutual communication during this advanced bondage class.


  • Riggers should have experience of tying, suspension and locking suspension lines off and should know how to do this on bamboo
  • Bottoms should be comfortable communicating when problems arise and have an understanding of nerve and circulation issues in rope. They should also have good endurance in stressful bondage.
  • A partner you are comfortable to be emotional with.

Level: Intermediate
Type: Hands-On

Dynamic Transitions

This class will deal with rolling transitions and will include stressful positions and require hard work and focus from all participants. The rigger and the bottom be capable in this should have good communication between them. Bottoms should not be afraid to speak up about problems and there is a requirement to assess body awareness and dealing with issues in this class.

Prerequisite: Before we get into it there will be a TK evaluation to make sure that the participants tying are up to the advanced work that will be covered in this class. Participants should be capable of tying quickly and competently.

  • The rigger must have a suspension-worthy TK and have experience with the correct locking and handling of suspension lines.
  • Rigger must be able to tie a suspension-worthy hip harness.
  • The bottom should be experienced and have the strength and stamina for extended sessions of suspension and transition in a TK.
  • Bottoms should have the strength and stamina to sustain period of time in a hip harness and dynamic transitions.

Level: Advanced
Type: Hands-On

Agura Shibari & Suspension

Agura (sitting cross-legged) shibari is an often neglected form but one with great versatility and depth making it a great one for many kinds of play. It offers a surprising variety of suspension variations angles and transitions. In this class, we will cover the technical and aesthetic aspects of the agura with practical demonstrations of tying and suspending. Students will follow along after demonstrations with guided practice using this interesting and flexible tie.


  • Bottoms should be…
    • able sustain stressful suspension.
    • willing to communicate with their rigger and give feedback during the class.
    • able to know and communicate clearly when encountering any problems.
  • Riggers should be…
    • able to tie a suspension worthy high hands TK.
    • lock and manage suspension lines safely.
    • have a good working knowledge of bondage safety.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Type: Hands-On


: the quality or state of being reciprocal
: mutual dependence, action, or influence
For both bottoms and tops, communication is key in rope. In this class, we strip everything to the fundamentals of connecting via the medium of rope and focus on each partners role in communicating, understanding your partner and expressing yourself. Control and understanding are essential to produce an effect and to understand and even to be aware of the response. Control is important and understanding is vital to helping develop better all around bondage.
A lot of emphasis is put on tops to focus on technical skill and for rope bottoms to cultivate body awareness, however, self-awareness is an equally important skill for bottoms and tops and even more how to communicate in a way that does not impact on your scene or headspace.
This class will explore exercises that are mutually beneficial to tops and bottoms, starting with a focus on technical demands and moving into exercises which focus on expanding awareness and cultivating sensitivity. This is particularly useful for those tops and bottoms wanting to develop emotional scenes and include time and suffering in their bondage. We will explore sensations, body awareness, self-awareness, communication without words, how to read body language and cultivating a deeper understanding.


  • Models should be…
    • Open to developing body and self-awareness.
    • Willing to be intimate and emotional with their rigger
    • Willing to communicate with their rigger and give feedback during the class.
    • Able to know and communicate clearly when encountering any problems.
  • Riggers should be…
    • Open to improving rope control and tension
    • Able to tie a TK (any style TK is acceptable for this class)
    • Well versed in bondage safety

Level: All
Type: Hands-On

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