Incident Reporting & Support at BED

As an organization, we feel it is our responsibility to do all we can to make our events an accepting and welcoming experience for all. We are committed to taking all necessary steps to ensure that the values and ethos of our events are adhered to. Being made aware of problems that occur is the only way we can achieve that.

If you see something that is predatory behavior, someone being harassed or bullied, someone being hateful or derogatory about another person’s race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, physical appearance, body size, age, or identity/label/kink, speak up, let us know. We are all responsible for fostering an environment that is accepting of ALL the people and free from coercion and abuse.

If something is troubling you, let us know. Maybe you’re not sure if it’s a consent incident/violation or a violation of the Code of Conduct, or you’re feeling anxious that the person you are reporting is a more established member of the community and you don’t want to make waves. But we only see so much, and we rely on others to tell us when something feels off. Chances are it’s affecting other people as well and we need to address it.

We understand that there are varying degrees of consent incidents and harassment and we feel strongly that, regardless of where they fall, all issues need to be addressed. This applies to everyone—if you think you may have participated in or witnessed an incident or violation or harassment, please let us know about it.

What happens if a report is filed?

If an issue is brought to our attention, we will use the following principles and procedures as our guide:

How we handle things is always based on PRIVACY, CONFIDENTIALITY, and AGENCY. We will not share identifying info or names with anyone, including other members of the BED Admin team, unless given consent to do so.

We will ask you to tell us your account, to whatever degree you feel comfortable sharing. The more information you are able to share, the more effectively we are able to address the situation.

Should you give us permission to talk with others involved, we will do so and get their account of the situation. Should you elect for us to not speak with anyone else, we won’t.

If someone brings us a report but elects for us to not speak to anyone else about the situation, we will take an ‘Information Only’ report. The subject of the report goes on a watch list and it is filed away for future reference.

If the reporting party opts to allow us to discuss the situation, then we will begin gathering information, as best we can, and notifying the subject of the report that there is an active inquiry regarding their behavior/interactions. The name of the reporting party and identifying details contained within the report will not be shared with the subject of the report or other parties without the express consent of the reporting party.

If we get more than three ‘Information Only’ reports on the same person or a confidential report that is especially egregious, we will not share the names or any details, but we will let them know that they are the subject of an inquiry and address issues accordingly.

Decisions about how to handle an incident or violation are made on a case by case basis based on the needs of the reporting party, the information available, and in consideration of the Code of Conduct, Consent Statement, and Inclusion & Harassment Statement. Our ultimate goal in handling things is to assess risk, prevent continued harm to the reporting party, and reduce further risk to all who attend our events.

Bondage Expo Dallas will uphold agency, consent, and inclusive & respectful treatment of all people by all people. In the event that someone’s behavior and actions do not line up with that, we reserve the right to address it by whatever means we deem appropriate, including difficult conversations, removal from the event without refund, notification of law enforcement should it be desired by the reporting party, and sharing concerns about people with other event organizers.

How do I report?

To report an issue, any issue, please do whichever of the following you feel most comfortable with:

  • In-Person: You may seek out any Staff or Security member you feel most comfortable approaching and request a member of the Response & Support Team (feel free to request a specific team member if you prefer) OR you may go directly to a member of the Response & Support Team for assistance (they will be wearing tie-dye shirts, so they will be easy to spot.)
  • Via Email: reports ~at~
  • Online: Use our reporting form. You may choose to report anonymously if you wish.