Lew Rubens
A leading experienced bondage, suspension & rigging artist who draws from Fetish Fine Art, Western Bondage, and Damsel in Distress, culminating in ‘Lewbari.
Lew Rubens has a love and passion for bondage that shows in his work. Known mostly for his wild suspensions, Lew joined the public side of BDSM play spring of 2001 and started his first website, BoundNDetermined.com, and started teaching his unique simple bondage style which he branded as “Lewbari” the other “bari”
A few years later Kink.com made him an offer he couldn’t resist, and he began running Waterbondage.com for them from the winter of 2006, through the spring of 2008. Later moving into a “Bondage Consultant” position for a prestigious company.
On his own again now, Lew is concentrating on his “Lewbari Weekend.” Which is a weekend-long bondage teaching seminar that takes people from beginning bondage through the basics of suspension in ONE WEEKEND!!
When not teaching Lew concentrates his time on video production and his new product store: TheLewbariStore where he showcases his wild n crazy inventions along with many other bondage and BDSM-related fun toys.
Lew has presented his workshops and demos of his unique style at many BDSM and bondage industry events throughout the US, Canada, Austria, Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Australia & Rome.


I met Drea at The Woodshed in 2010 when I moved to Orlando, Florida. We started hanging out shortly after. She started traveling to events and was a natural right from the start. Our kinks lined up so well that she helped me build my new websites. Drea runs her own sites now and says her tag lines are often: “Lover of bondage and all things kinky!”   https://dreamorgan.com/
Zonah came to an event to meet me in 2010. We hit it off right away and started doing shoots and traveling to events together. She was my main partner for the Australia Tour in 2014 and we’ve been great friends ever since. https://zonahbellum.com